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Aviation Datasets Explained

Aircraft Lookup allows anyone to quickly search public datasets published by various aviation administrative services as well as marketplaces and other private aviation data providers in the United States. These datasets provide valuable insight into the history and maintenance record of any aircraft registered in the US. When you provide an N-Number above, we cross reference historical SDR, FAA, and NTSB datasets to identify any relevant records related to that N-Number.

As you may be aware, N-Numbers are not connected to an aircraft for the life of that aircraft - N-Numbers may be deregistered, and re-registered to completely different aircraft. For that reason, please confirm that the details of any search result correspond to the make and model you intended to pull records for.

SDR, FAA, and NTSB databases are provided as follows:

The Service Difficulty Reports (SDR) dataset is defined as "[t]he reports submitted by certificate holders and certificated repair stations, known as service difficulty reports (SDR's), provide the FAA with airworthiness statistical data necessary for planning, directing, controlling, and evaluating certain assigned safety-related programs." This data is, in its raw form, a tab-delimited file with encoded field headers.

The FAA Registration dataset is fairly straightforward - it is a listing of current registrations (along with addresses, aircraft serial number, and other basic metadata) at any point in time. The registration data is a comma delimited file that has named fields at the top of each file. The FAA provides historical data on their site for the previous few years.

The FAA Accident/Incident dataset covers a range of accidents and incidents that may or may not overlap with NTSB data. Typically, more significant crashes are covered by NTSB data while less significant crashes are more comprehensively covered by the FAA Accident/Incident data, which will frequently include minor events like gear-up landings and so forth. The data provided by the FAA is in a tab-delimited file with encoded field headers.

The NTSB investigation dataset is distinct from the FAA dataset. While the number of accidents or incidents they cover are less numerous, the depth at which they are covered is significantly deeper when reported by the NTSB. While each record from the NTSB contains incredible amounts of metadata related to people responsible for the flight, prevailing meteorological conditions at the time of flight, and passengers aboard, this aircraft lookup tool only provides basic summary data. The full dataset is provided as a series of Microsoft access file databases on the NTSB site.