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Creating an Aircraft Price Index to Track how Expensive Aviation has Become

July 13, 2022

Plane prices soared in the last few years - but how can we quantify that climb? To do that, we need to establish an aircraft price index...

Is this Peak Price for General Aviation?

May 17, 2022

As anyone in general aviation is aware, prices for aircraft have been painful for the last few quarters...

Vintage General Aviation Aircraft Prices expected to increase 20% in next year

July 20, 2021

@AircraftLookup is an automated account on Twitter that publishes the most interesting listings on Trade-A-Plane daily, notifying followers of underpriced, rare, cheap, and re-listed aircraft...

How @AircraftLookup uses machine learning to automatically detect undervalued planes

Jan 7, 2019

@AircraftLookup is a bot on Twitter that uses machine learning to extrapolate the estimated value of a plane based on historical trends from listings of all other planes on